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Raw theme archive

Post by rootWizard »

Found at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... HQF61IhrFZ

This looks to be a raw theme archive, made up entirely of raw bitmaps and strings. Just like the good ol' days

This file exceeds the max limit for the website so if the link goes down, message me and I will upload it.
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Post by NoNamedAnt »

I see that some use index names in the bitmaps instead of the id and i cant apply the load all function in ipodwizard or it just crashes. I think this means either they dont work with 1.3 or my 5.5G.
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Post by TheMetalWizard »

Yeah for some reason they used index names. It means they'll have to be applied manually. If the theme has any hex changes to it then these bitmaps are completely useless without reverse engineering the theme.
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