Nano NAND Flash Upgrade

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Nano NAND Flash Upgrade

Post by calders »

Hello all,
Saw a guy on reddit attempt a NAND Flash upgrade on a Nano 3G but he seems to have disappeared, presumably failing in his efforts and rightly so, it’s a stupidly difficult task i would assume.

However I’m just curious, is it actually possible? Not just hardware wise but software wise.

Let me know I’m very curious

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Post by TheMetalWizard »

It's definitely possible! All nand is is a storage device. The ssd ipods like those nanos can already handle nand storage so the support isn't even a question. If you've ever seen Strange Parts video then you'll see some of the aspects of such an upgrade. I can't speak for the guys who did try out the nano, but i would assume they're trying to write the ipod's firmware to the chip which would involve a bootrom, firmware and information of how to manage the storage, that last part probably being custom made or modified from the original.

There are guys still working on it! There's an iPod Nano hacking discord which is doing it now. I've heard progress is slow but I'm not in there and the invite link isn't public.

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