5.5G: Change Text colour.

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5.5G: Change Text colour.

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Navigating to layout and font types.


24222 – Menu Text – All main text on your iPod.
24223 – Title Bar – Also changes your “Do not disconnect” text, and your “Song # of #” text in ‘Now Playing’
24224 – Titlebar Text Shadow – Text shadow in Stopwatch, Screen Lock, etc. Alignment has no effect.
24225 – Secondary Text – Settings options, On/Off strings, etc. Basically anything that’s right-justified

Look for the rgb colour tab. should contian 0xFF000000 double click and select rgb for that font.
Write to ipod and take a look.

https://nicklz55.wordpress.com/how-to-c ... your-ipod/ is my source for this.

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