1/2G Mini: FeatOfMini, v1.1

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1/2G Mini: FeatOfMini, v1.1

Post by TheMetalWizard »

A Feat of Mini

The iPod Mini is often disregarded by iPod Classic users for lacking features, usually citing the lack of album title as the main reason. Well now they have one less thing to argue over.

This was a little experiment and proof of concept. It's a matter of changing 2 hex values and only a little knowledge of how to find assets was needed. If this is actually useful to anyone then please let me know, otherwise this is just a proof of concept.

Update: Thanks to a comment under the video, I have updated this theme to include a 2G version.

A video of the theme in action along with some information of it: Here
2G FeatOfMini.zip
(1.94 MiB) Downloaded 38 times
1G FeatOfMini.zip
(2.79 MiB) Downloaded 30 times
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