iPod Touch Loop - Wasted Potential or Plain Stupid?

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iPod Touch Loop - Wasted Potential or Plain Stupid?

Post by calders »

Hello all,

The iPod touch loop is a bit of a hazy memory for few and many don't even know of it's existence due to it's short-lived lifespan.

The loop was introduced in 2012 as a metal clip on the rear, bottom left side of the new iPod Touch 5th Generation and it was used to secure a wrist-strap that was included with your iPod and was colour matched. Replacement wrist-straps could be bought for $9.

Apple discontinued the loop just under 3 years after it's 'release' with the introduction of the iPod Touch 6th Generation which looked the same, had the same chassis but the loop was silently dropped from the iPod Touch lineup.

The whole wrist-strap craze was about 7 years before the loop's introduction with everything from Wiimotes and digital cameras to TV remotes and microphones? Yeah I never understood this trend unless you're stupidly clumsy or have a habit of launching expensive tech across the room like its the NFL. No wonder the loop wrist-strap didn't catch on...bdum tsss.

No other accessories were made for the loop apart from the Apple wrist-strap, but what could have been if 3rd-party manufactures saw potential in making accessories for the loop which made it useful apart from a flimsy wrist-strap that evidently, nobody used.

If the loop was introduced across the range with the new iPhone 5, iPad or iPad mini then maybe it may not have been such a failure as it actually turned out to be, purely because it was so niche. One device, one accessory, one purpose. What did Apple expect?

You could have versatile car phone mounts that clip onto the loop and clipped off just as easy; granted the mounting arm would had to have been made out of a strong plastic to actually hold the device in place, but it's still probable.

Many other device mounts could have been introduced, an iPad stand that secured your device with the loop for watching movies, a night stand for your iPhone, tables that secured your device so it wouldn't get flung off, tripods that secured your device to use as a camera, the possibilities could have been endless if Apple introduced the loop across the iDevice range and 3rd party manufactures saw potential in said loop.

If this was the case, I can not see the loop being used on any recent devices purely for water resistance and Apple having a habit of removing hardware people liked and used...COUGH COUGH HEADPHONE JACK.

Maybe I am just over thinking and it would've flopped either way.

Who knows?

The most recent thing that is somewhat related to the loop is with the iPhone 12's introduction of MagSafe as MagSafe mounts and tripods do exist.

What did you think of the loop? Did you ever use it?

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Post by rootWizard »

Was never a fan. I have many memories of others and myself being too cool for safety and throwing a Wii remote across the room because we wanted a strike. The whole point of an iPod was that it was pocketable. If you're not using it, it's in your pocket. The kind of people who had to hold their iPod 24/7 were just flexing their gear in my opinion, so the strap just makes no sense to me.

It takes up valuable space where a battery could've been in an already terrible battery life device, but man that button was satisfying to click.

I don't think it could've ever been successful. It's on the same branch as the iPod shuffle. They weren't going to add a clip to every device either. It looks like they saw opportunity for a new accessory to buy, like them cases for the iPhone 5c.

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